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Our honey is collected by bees in Madison, Cottage Grove, Cross Plains, and Deerfield Wisconsin from wildflowers, tree blossoms, and clover.

Liquid Gold Honey is pure and unfiltered , a raw honey with fantastic flavor. Yes, you can find honey in the grocery stores for less, but it is not the same quality of honey. Our honey is local, which means it can help improve your local allergies, and the bees harvesting here contribute to your environment and your dinner table. So support local. Our honey is raw and unfiltered, which means it hasn't been heated and run through a filter, allowing all of the natural vitamins, enzymes, and other healthful properties to remain intact and undamaged. These are qualities you won't usually find in the honey for sale at the grocery store.

All of our honey is 100% pure, unfiltered and raw. We love our bees and make a point to keep them healthy and never use pesticides or chemicals on our hives. Liquid Gold Honey is never heated, filtered or pasteurized allowing trace pollens, vitamins and active enzymes to be present. This creates a delicious, flavorful and incredibly nutritious honey!

Bulk purchases of at least 20 pounds are available for $4.00 a pound.

Please see below our bottled options.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to purchase honey, or have any questions about our products.

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Honey Bears
Extra Large Bear 24 oz (1.5 pounds) $9 Limited Time

Mama Bear 12 oz $5

Baby Bear 2 oz $2

Custom Baby Bears Party Favors
Minimum order of 30, $1.75 each.
Orders of 100 or more, $1.60 each
These perfect little 2oz honey bears are filled with wildflower honey to make your special day have a lasting and sweet impression. We customize the label, allowing you to promote your event, business, web site, phone number, slogan, business, special occasion, baby shower, wedding shower, tea party, baptism, wedding favors, or just about any other idea you would like to put on there. Or you can just stick with our logo and use as stocking stuffers or little thinking of you gifts. This bear is also perfect for tea and coffee drinkers on the go, because it will fit in your handbag.

Just email us at Sales@LiquidGoldHoney.com with your label idea and we will go from there. Jpeg or photoshop files will speed up the process, but any customization should not take more than a week. Let us make your event stand out from the crowd and be remembered. These labels are small (because the bears are small) measuring about 1 inch wide and 1.25 inches high. Text per line can be 12 characters in an 8 point font or 8 characters in a 12 point font, 3 or 4 lines maximum. We will be happy to email you photos of sample labels. We only customize the labels. If you want ribbons or hats, you can do it yourself or we can do it for an additional 50 cents per bear.

2 oz bear size is approximately 3 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide, with label size approximately 1.25 inch high by 1 inch wide.
Square Glass Jars Sold Out
Tall Square 12 oz $4

Small Square 6 oz Sold Out

8 ounce square glass corked jar $5
Squeeze Jars
Inverted Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz, $6
Our Best Seller

1 quart plastic, 3 pounds, $14

Small jug, 5 pounds, $21
Spreadable Honey Honey that has been cooled and stirred to make it a creamy texture, similar to peanut butter. This is the most popular form of honey in Europe. It works very well for spreading, as it stays in place (unlike liquid honey which tends to drip between your fingers).
12 ounce spreadable honey in a round glass jar $6
16 ounce spreadable honey in a round glass jar $8

24 ounce spun honey in a glass jar $12
Wax Products
Lip products handmade from beeswax, shea butter, almond oil or grapeseed oil, and essential oil (for scent)

lip balm tub $1

lip balm tube $1

Body products handmade from beeswax, shea butter, almond oil or grape seed oil, coconut oil, and essential oil (for scent)
Always trying new shapes and scents, please call to see what we have on hand, or to request a batch to order. Recently we had heart shaped, gingerbread man shaped, and floral disks.

Lotion Bars (assorted shapes, sizes, scents)

2 oz Lotion bar hexagons $2

1 oz Wax bars $1

2 oz wax hexagons $2
Beeswax Candles
Diamond Pattern Pillar, $5

Votive $1

Small Skep with Bees $2

Rolled narrow pillar, $5 per pair

Rolled spiral $3 per pair

Small Pillar $2

Evergreen tree candle, $5
Available in green tint or normal beeswax

larger Skep shaped candle, $2

Pillar candle, $8

Floating Rose candle, $5

Floating Snowflake candle, $4

Floating Star candle, $3